Fred Feddes


This is where the Fred Feddes website starts. I write books and articles for experts and laymen on a variety of subjects, often from a spatial perspective. 

A good example is A Millennium of Amsterdam. It is an established introduction to the city’s history, as well as an invitation to see the city through my eyes and in doing so learn new things about landscape, urbanism and the irony of history. Likewise, Bike City Amsterdam tracks the history of one of the best bicycle cities in the world.

Most of this website is in Dutch, as is most of my work, but I have also included an English section with an overview of books and a resume. The Dutch section includes a showroom of works, a lengthy bookshelf list, a personal resume, and an assorted opinions section.

Bike City Amsterdam. How Amsterdam became the Cycling Capital of the World
Room for the river
Recreating Amsterdam
A Millennium of Amsterdam
Landscape and energy